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Kyung Ja Kim

Oil, Mixed Media(Mother-of-Pearl)

If you look at her paintings, you can see many works based on nature. Nature is the material that moves her creativity and sensibility the most among the many elements around us. The part she cares most about in the process of doing her work is to make the material that can look ordinary look special on her canvases. Her efforts do not stop here, and she expresses not only the surface but also the sound, scent, and hidden beauty of nature through her paintings. All nature is beautiful, but what she values is bringing peace of mind. That doesn't mean there is no intensity. Her works, which were mainly completed with oil, will be easier to understand if you look at her mixed media mother-of-pearl works, which have recently been receiving good responses as a new attempt. Those things have played a big role in making it possible for her to have lived in contact with two different cultures, Korea and America. The use of mother-of-pearl has been a traditional oriental art form since ancient times. If you look at her works, you can see that another special piece of art that combines traditional and modern art has been completed. The mother-of-pearl maintains its original mysterious and brilliant light while applying another beautiful and subtle color. It makes mother-of-pearl more beautiful and mysterious, and is a modern mother-of-pearl art work that harmoniously expresses Eastern and Western art by grafting mother-of-pearl made in this way. If you look at those artworks, you will know that traditional art and modern art have been harmonized and completed as another special genre. These works are ideas that naturally developed from the techniques she used when she ran a traditional mother-of-pearl furniture factory in the 1970s. This technology has been patented in Korea and the United States. She also achieved certificate for contemporary Nacre Art Artisan from South Korea. Patented : Method of Manufacturing Ornament inlaid with Mother-Of -Pearl Patent No. : US 9,573,412 B2 (Feb. 21.2017) The United State of America 10-1522969(May.19.2015) Korean Intellectual Property Office Achieved certificate for Artisan of Republic of Korea (Field: “Contemporary Nacre Art” KM2018528-01)

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