About Artist

Untitled photo

Kyung Ja Kim

Oil, Mixed Media (Mother of Pearl)

       Her paintings mostly shows nature. The nature is one of the best thing that makes her to bring out her creativity and moves her emotions. She focuses to make those ordinary things to look and feel special on her canvas. She gives effort to not only reflect the outer images of nature but also bring sounds, the scents and the essence of its inner beauty of what she paints. She chooses the subjects which can be calm, relax and peaceful but strong impressions to viewers. To do that, having two different cultures are definitely become best source. Most of her works have been done in oil and recently she started to work one new mixed media artwork. Her recent mixed media artworks using mother of pearl emphasize combine beauty of Eastern and Western art. The idea came from her own experience from 70’s making furniture using mother of pearl as main supply for drawings or patterns on wood. It shows how combining traditional arts with contemporary arts can create one special unique art piece.

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