Kyung Ja Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She majored in radio frequency communications and worked as a civil servant after graduation. She started her own boutique business in the mid-1970s and also manufactures traditional oriental mother-of-pearl furniture sold in her country. Since the 1980s, she has started an export business called Daeyoon Trading in Korea's central trade center. Her company exported the fashion jewelry she designed to various countries. Her creativity was the key to her business success. It is true that she has always been surrounded by art. She said becoming an artist is her dream, her challenge and her life's passion. Whenever she had free time, she took up painting as a hobby. Her dream of becoming an artist was confirmed in 1991 when she sent her four daughters to the United States to study. Whenever she visited the United States to meet her daughters, fashion, art, and music majors she's daughters shared her artwork, serving as critics. Her life as an artist started off strong when she finally settled in the United States in 2002.

Statement (Oil):

She likes to paint nature. Nature is her most attractive subject. We live in nature and start from there. So, while it is beautiful in itself, it is the most difficult object to draw. This is because simply drawing something you have seen many times or already know enough can be boring. This is where her creativity is needed. Try interesting angles, mix colors and draw every detail to make it look real. Because we know that everything can look and feel different depending on how you look at it. Also, all of her works are deeply connected to her emotions and philosophy of life. Her deep observation of how nature grows, how it survives, and how it sacrifices makes her feel the strengths and weaknesses of her nature. So, she spends a lot of time trying to find a better way to express her own feelings in her own paintings. She chooses subjects that are quiet, relaxed and peaceful but still leave a lasting impression.

Statement (Mixed Media with Mother-of-Pearl):

Creating modern mother-of-pearl art using mother-of-pearl was a huge challenge. These are works that harmoniously express Eastern and Western art by grafting mother-of-pearl. The use of mother-of-pearl has been a traditional oriental art form since ancient times. A new technique that mixes the East and the West is establishing itself as a new genre of modern mother-of-pearl art. A well-designed mother-of-pearl requires a painstakingly fine-tuned process because the underlying material is too fragile and prone to breaking out of its designed shape when cut with a saw or finished with other tools. Add another beautiful color to the mother-of-pearl cut according to the design. The point is that it retains the original subtle and mysterious light of mother-of-pearl. It shows the process of creating a special piece of art where traditional art and modern art meet. These pieces are ideas that evolved naturally from the techniques used to make traditional furniture in the 1970s. Mother-of-pearl shows great mother-of-pearl art that shines the most in the light, and has a brilliant and beautiful sparkling surface. Received patent approval from both South Korea and United States for this technique. She also achieved certificate for contemporary Nacre Art Artisan from South Korea. Patented: Method of Manufacturing Ornament inlaid with Mother-Of-Pearl Patent No.: US 9,573,412 B2 (Feb. 21.2017) The United State of America 10-1522969(May.19.2015) Korean Intellectual Property Office Achieved certificate for Artisan of Republic of Korea (Field: “Contemporary Nacre Art” KM2018528-01)

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